SEEEMS.CMS - User Interface

FrontEnd Administration

SEEEMS FrontEnd is the most innovative and straightforward way to create and edit webpages. Once logged in easy access is given to many of the tools and features that are found in the BackOffice. Use FrontEnd to perform many straightforward tasks on visible content, for example, images, text, pages and links. For more complex tasks simply switch to the BackOffice.

Intuitive interface

When you work in FrontEnd what you see really is what you get, with no editing icons in view. The mouse pointer is the key here. Hovering and then double clicking on an area give instant access to editing. Hovering over an area for a second and then right clicking brings up a familiar menu from the BackOffice. Explore the menu to see the wide range of functions and components that can be accessed. Notice too that every option has a corresponding keyboard shortcut.

Keyboard shortcuts

Once the area to be worked on has been highlighted, all changes can be made with the simple to learn keyboard shortcuts. Hit Enter to edit, Shift + Enter to go to Back Office, Delete to Delete, X to cut, C to copy, V to Paste for example. This means it is possible to achieve the majority of functions, including navigating through the objects, without using the mouse, which will speed up the time used in editing. Of course, if using the mouse is your preference, no problem! As with all SEEEMS functions, the choice is yours.

What else can I do?

There are an enormous number of functions that can be performed quickly and easily through FrontEnd. Add new pages; add new objects; add content, from simple text to multimedia; create a layout with columns; insert links to provide navigation. Move or copy objects or content around the page or into another location.

Watch a screencast to see how powerful FrontEnd is. Take a look at the FrontEnd section of our manual.

BackOffice Administration

SEEEMS Back Office gives access to the full range of properties for every object and all of the tools and features of CMS. This means that any kind of task can be performed. Access the BackOffice through FrontEnd once logged in. Hover, right click and select Back Office Edit or use the keyboard shortcut Shift+Enter.

Why not explore further? The BackOffice section of our manual will open up a world of possibilities.

Powerful user management

Use BackOffice to add users and manage them by assigning them to different security groups. Assign publishing criteria and authorisation rights. You can limit or grant access right down to individual objects. This system is extremely powerful.

Take a look at the User management section of our manual.

Simple file management

This is an incredible way to manage and display individual documents or contents of folders.

Use the batch upload, create folders or directories in the free folder structure or use this functionality to upload and unzip zip files, for example.
Use the files grabber to quickly and easily import images and other content from other websites. 
Use file preview to check details and edit images and specific file types.
Rename any type of file or folder.

Take a look at the Files management section of our manual.

Product benefits

Our user interface makes it easy to interact with your website, both for simple and complex tasks.