Support - How can we help?

The first source of support is the SEEEMS manual. This is where we frequently add new articles about how to use SEEEMS products. You will find our manual on There is also a section about support in the manual, which explains more about free and paid for support.

Request support

As with most websites, we have an FAQ section, which is always worth checking for the answers to common questions. If this doesn't answer your question then please complete the form on the Request Support page.

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Third party tools

There are now many different third party tools that you can use in order to help to communicate your support issue to us. Here are links to some of the most useful ones: - Record what's happening on your screen as well as recording an audio description. - An easy way to share images and files online, particularly useful with large file sizes. - Chat online using headset or instant messaging; drag and drop files; share screens. - Share screens between individuals or whole teams, - Useful sites for checking out IP addresses.

Personal support

Every user of SEEEMS products will have access to personal support if needed. SEEEMS UK offers support to its resellers, who in turn will offer different types and levels of support to their own customers, which will be negotiated between the parties concerned.

Online support

In addition to personal support, we also offer many other ways to find out about how our products work and resolve any problems. In the manual you can access helpful screencasts and screenshots of our products, or watch an online demo.  These are really useful too for prospective purchasers to see exactly how intuitive our products are to use.  SEEEMS UK offer a free Skype support service for its resellers.

Support information


We have many different ways to support our customers. You just have to decide what's right for you.