Ronacrete - A Concrete Example

Ronacrete - A Concrete Example

For over 40 years Ronacrete has been at the leading edge of product development and performance. They manufacture specialist products such as resins for resin bound and bonded surfacing, mortars used for screeds, concrete repair, waterproofing and bedding. Innovation and brand leadership are enhanced by technical support which is considered the best in the industry. They provide a specialist range of products for installation by expert contractors. The Ronacrete Group generates sales in excess of £12 million and employs more than 100 people worldwide.

As market leaders, Ronacrete Ltd have recognized the value and importance of a good looking, functional and easy to navigate web site, populated with the right amount of relevant information that is easily accessible by clients and potential customers, for many years. Having previously run a fully hosted and managed site with content written in house but compiled and uploaded by others, they recognised the benefits of content managed software (CMS) where they could decide, subject to parameters, what to add into their website, where, and when.

Through a UK reseller they were introduced to SEEEMS and to Michel Lutz and his software. He demonstrated not only a clear understanding of their needs but also contributed many of his own ideas into the design mix and build of their website. That was over five years ago, since then along with the UK reseller, Soinspired Limited have continued to project manage their website.

Having a website that is up to date and represents their current product offerings is important to Ronacrete and since their first website Ronacrete have actually undergone five complete design transformations with the latest only recently going live.

So what was the latest challenge and specification?

1. To complete a redesign phase started the year before when a new more modern and squarer look was introduced on the home page. The user response to this cleaner fresher look was very positive and was therefore to be continued throughout the website.

2. A reduction in the number of product ranges was also required.

3. The other and extremely important criteria were to enhance the already successful SEO performance of the Ronacrete website.

4. It was discovered that some of the features that had been included for ease of use were being completely overlooked by some users of the website so a redesign was undertaken to simplify this functionality.

5. The site already worked very well when viewed on mobile devices such as tablet and touch screen phones and so they paid particular attention to further enhancing this experience.

6. Some users prefer traditional navigation while others are happy to be led by a modern approach, and so they wanted to incorporate two navigation styles on the range page. 

The process:

1. The simple use of the word “GO” placed in menu, tabs and buttons has indicated further functionality can be accessed by selecting with finger, pointer or mouse and where we expect a menu to expand we have used a simple arrow to indicate this.

2. The reduction in the number of product ranges was effected by combining products from three ranges into the new five ranges, (there used to be eight).

3. Two different navigation styles were created: a traditional accordion drop down menu on the left hand side (shown under the main animation banner) and a more modern matrix menu at the top of the page. Both enhance the design while also maximising on usability and SEO capability by using images and text clues for navigation.

4. On the product page we delivered as much product information within the user’s field of view, without them having to continually scroll down the page as they used to. The page has been split into the many categories which in turn have been assigned tabs so the user can quickly find the information they seek. This approach also enhanced the mobile experience.

5. A further refinement is in PDF generation of the Customer Data Sheet (CDS). This used to be manually generated and saved to the website for download. There was always a possibility that the website and CDS could get out of sync but a clever manual operation was added to the website some time ago to stop this however it was still time consuming. PDFs are now saved and generated automatically if any key data element in a document is changed along with automated revision control of  PDF documents saved.

The outcome:

1. The evidence that customers are finding the new website much easier to navigate and find the information they are looking for comes from Google Analytics and an increase once again in sales leads.

2. SEO performance of the Ronacrete website over the years has been one of continued improvement and has resulted in significant sales gains and improved profits for the group. The website is now well within the top million websites in the world, given it’s a website about construction materials that is quite an achievement and Ronacrete attribute this to the enhanced SEO capabilities of the SEEEMS software.


With the capabilities and experience of both SEEEMS and SoInspired we now have a website which outperforms our previous site in usability and appearance, and has significantly improved our SEO ranking. Working hand in hand with Keith Harris of Soinspired we have learned a tremendous amount about SEO, what to place where, and how to benchmark, measure and compare performance. Service, support and response times from both companies have enabled us to keep ahead of our competitors on many of the keyword search phrases with net gains being seen weekly in search ranking and visitor traffic. We feel it has helped us increase our sales year on year throughout the recession.

Daren Chambers, Sales and Marketing Director - Ronacrete Limited