Riverside Centre - Booking Forward

Riverside Centre -  Booking Forward

The Riverside Centre in Chippenham, Wiltshire is a unique facility for businesses, providing a suite of interview rooms, boardroom and training room, all located in a picturesque setting alongside the River Avon in the heart of the town. 

The Riverside Centre is owned and managed by David Brown, who also provides serviced offices throughout North Wiltshire.  He originally requested a SEEEMS website as a showcase for the rooms, facilities and services, handling room bookings manually, although clients could submit their initial enquiry and requirements via the website.  As the centre’s popularity grew, he needed a website that would not only do all of these things but also allow client to make their bookings online.  

The specification:

1. There had to be an online registration and login process so that David could capture the details of his customers, and to save them time when they returned to book again.

2. The system had to be fully automated from registration through to booking, with automatic user validation and email confirmation. Once the room had been selected, David would then take over the process manually and phone to make final arrangements.  At this stage he preferred the hands-on approach.

3. The booking form needed the functionality for all of different room combinations, time periods, dates and extra requirements to be selected by the user. Automatic error messages would be sent if incorrect combinations were selected.

The process:

1. Keith Harris of Soinspired worked closely with David to produce the correct specification. This was then submitted to SEEEMS.

2. project managed the whole process, working with the programmers and testing each stage. As the SEEEMS.CMS system is so user friendly, he was also able to programme a large amount of the functionality himself.  As a reseller, this is an essential way to gain added value from a site.

The outcome:

1. The Reservations page shows a helpful floor plan of the centre, so that users can easily see the size and layout.  The simple to complete registration form works perfectly, and David gets automatic emails so that he can see who has registered.

2. Once a room is booked, both the user and David get a confirmation email. David checks the requirements against the master bookings system and contacts the user to confirm all requirements. 


The system worked so well, and the centre has become so popular, that David and Keith are now working on an upgrade to the site, making the entire booking process full automated, with an online calendar showing room availability in real time. As SEEEMS.CMS also integrates beautifully with the SHOP, there will also be the possibility of online payments too, should that be required.