Our People

This is who we are...

In the UK and Denmark:

Company management happens in the UK. It's also where the sales process for SEEEMS UK products is handled along with project management which enables us to work efficiently and fulfill our clients' deadlines. Much of our support work is done here, too. The strategic planning of research and development takes place in Denmark, along with overall project management.

Keith Harris
Director - UK

Keith Harris - Director - UK

Keith was the original founder of Soinspired Ltd, forming the company in 2010. Read more...

Hilary Sterrett
Director - UK

Hilary Sterrett - Director - UK

Hilary joined the company in 2011 bringing with her many years' experience in  Read more...

Michel Jarrd Lutz
Director - Denmark

Michel Jarrd Lutz - Director - Denmark

Michel is the brainchild behind SEEEMS.APS. He started the company in 2002  Read more...

In our Bulgarian office:

We have a great team of extremely talented programmers. Each has a slightly different skill set, but they are all experienced in the key competencies: programming, implementation and development. We also have two team leaders who are responsible for day to day project management. This means that whatever our customers' needs, we can quickly put together a team to get the job done.

Misho - Team Leader Programmer


Like Georgi, Misho Dimitrov is a senior programmer and team leader. He also provides support for customers. Away from the office he likes to spend time playing with his small daughter.

Team Training


Training sessions happen regularly. Every team member has different skills, and sharing these with colleagues is an important and enjoyable part of working for SEEEMS.

Our Front Man


CHEEE is our front man and mascot. CHEEE is here to help, so keep an eye out for him. Take a look at our extensive support manual for example, and you'll also see his helpful hints!

Yordan - Development and Implementation Programmer


Yordan joined the team in January 2014. When not at work he likes playing football, and like Valentin he supports Chelsea FC. He is a creative person, and enjoys creating apps for mobiles.

Could it be your name here?

What skills do you have? Are you a talented implementation or development programmer? Perhaps you are a creative webdesigner? If the answer is 'Yes', then why not shout about it? We'd love to hear from you. Follow CHEEE on the right to find out more.