Our History

How it began

SEEEMS UK is a new venture started jointly by Keith Harris and Hilary Sterrett of Soinspired Ltd and Michel Jarrd Lutz of SEEEMS.Aps.  Soinspired Ltd are a successful web technology company who have been creating websites (amongst other things!) and using the SEEEMS.CMS software since 2010.  In that short time the business has grown and become very successful.  In 2012 they were offered the opportunity to go into partnership with Michel to form SEEEMS.UK and become the UK distributor's of the SEEEMS range of products. 


SEEEMS UK officially began life in January 2013.  Since then, we have been involved in the planning and preparation that is essential underpinning for any new business.  We have been looking for the right type of resellers for the SEEEMS CMS system. SEEEMS.CMS is the main product, and this includes specialist modular tools that are used for contact management, displaying news and events, creating knowledge bases, integrating with other organisational software, online booking systems, project portfolios, all of which have SEEEMS flexibility and functionality. The other main product is SEEEMS.SHOP, built on SEEEMS.CMS, which means that any type of shop can be created, for any customer or product. These products are ideal for agencies to sell on to their own clients.

Moving forward

Our main aim is for the SEEEMS software products to become as large a part of the UK market as they already are in Denmark.  We intend to offer our system and service to advertising and marketing agencies, that they can use to develop websites for their clients. This should become another tool that they can use particularly where they have higher end of the market clients. SEEEMS develop and deliver the website design, and then the reseller benefits from the added value that they provide their clients.  We are looking forward to this exciting new phase.