Majland - A Growing Success

Majland - A Growing Success

Majland Perennials was started by Hanne and Peter Majland in 1955 in their villa garden. The first sales of perennial plants were to passers-by, and were dug up from the garden and wrapped in wet newspapers so they did not dry out. By 1966 the demand had increased and the nursery moved to a site outside the city. Marketing of perennials expanded now to include sales to other nurseries, and now they were old in pots!

In 2002 Peder Majland sold the nursery to Torben Kristensen and Leif Rahbek, who for many years had had the daily responsibility for the nursery.

Since then, MAJLAND perennials ApS has grown, and production has increased year by year. Majland Perennials has always been known for its large wide range of quality perennials. Their vision is that they will continue to launch new varieties and products from the nursery, making them an attractive trading partner for garden centres in Norway, Sweden and Denmark.

Along with this vision came the need for a user-friendly, dynamic, effective website that would not only be able to showcase their products, but would give a fully integrated, automatic online stock control system.

The challenge and specification:

1. A website layout was need that would enable customers to be able to see the many and varied perennials together, so that they could choose the right plants.  It was important that the customers could complete the purchasing process online, without having to waste time phoning or faxing for information.

2. The website had to have usability, dynamic performance and be an effective webshop. It also had to have the capability for it to be managed by the owners.

3. The shop had to integrate online sales and inventory management, so that the customers would know straight away if a plant was sold out. This was particularly important as the business sells B2B and these customers need a quick and efficient ordering system.

4. The website needed to show all of the products, but in a different format, with much more information, for private customers.

The process:

1. First of all, a detailed analysis of the project requirements was undertaken in partnership with Majland.

2. This then meant that the project could be split up into different areas of work which included the following:

a. Understanding how the required accounting software worked so that it could be integrated

b. Integrating Excel with the accounting software

c. Extracting images from pdf documents so that they could be used on the site

d. Creating different types of filter criteria

e.Creating specific ordering forms for B2B customers so that their orders could be processed quickly.

The outcome:

1. Customers can now order directly from the website without having to contact Majiland. SEEEMS’ webshop shows them exactly what the company is capable of, whereas before they would have had to call to get further information

2. There is no longer the limitation of only placing an order by phone or fax. Now, customers can order online, 24/7. With SEEEMS’ shop, the customer receives their order confirmation immediately. A considerable amount of time is saved, because the web shop replaces manual input. The whole process benefits all parties.


SEEEMS CMS is designed exactly for the specific customer’s needs. However, this doesn’t mean that it is unrealistically priced.  Erik, the current co-owner of Majiland, has this to say, ‘It's the difference between made-to-measure and off the peg. We have our website exactly as we want it, and at a very competitive price’.