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Kools - A Well-fitting Site

Kools -  A Well-fitting Site

Tina Marie and Michael Brok Jensen, who together have more than 31 years experience in children's clothing industry are the people behind Kools - jeans & more. They both worked for many years at, respectively, Minymo and Tiny Minymo in sales, design and building collections. Michael has also worked for several years at Joha.

Kools - jeans & more is 100% Danish owned. The company designs, manufactures and sells wonderful quality children's clothing for girls and boys aged 3 months to 12 years. The concept behind Kools was that the products would only be sold directly through a website, or through home shopping by party consultants, selling directly to the consumer and cutting out the middleman.

For this type of business, a dynamic, stylish website was essential. And that was not all. The business had some specific requirements.

The specification:

1. The shop had to have the capacity to handle many transactions simultaneously. This was important because large amounts of customer purchases are processed on a daily basis.  It was vital that stock holdings were updated instantaneously, or this would cause huge problems in store.

2. The owners wanted to be able to manage and develop the online store themselves, and they did not want it to be prohibitively expensive.

3. The party consultants needed to have their own login and secure area on the webshop. This meant that each party consultant’s orders could be easily identified and they could then be provided with varying discounts or rates of commission for different events.

The process:

1. Kools started off by Skyping their proposal to SEEEMS, and then they developed the web shop together. If something was urgent it was implemented immediately and then other requirements were built in as they are needed. Kools did look at some other web shop products, but these were far from what they were looking for and the companies were too slow to respond.

2. SEEEMS worked together with Kools to create a time schedule and they kept to it. This was really important because the online shop sells seasonal collections.

The outcome:

1. Packing times are minimised and errors are reduced because SEEEMS’ shop solution was tailored to Kools’ needs. The packing list is now produced alphabetically, which is much easier to manage in the warehouse. Prior to this, the packing list was produced in chronological order, which was not so productive.

2. The entire catalogue is now available through the website. In addition every order that is placed on the website triggers an email to Kools, the party consultant coordinator and the packer.


SEEEMS CMS is extremely easy to use. Kools saves a lot of time by using FrontEnd editing. It is so simple to update the site content right on the page.  As Michael says, ‘The product just gets better and better; the updates are really great’.