Find Support


In all SEEEMS products the support information is structured in the same way because we have three basic rules for how this information is supplied:

1. The interface is designed to be intuitive and code is standardised to reduce the need for information
2. The most needed support information is placed where it will be most effective for the user
3. References to information are provided which means redundant information is reduced to a minimum
In this way 80% of all information is placed right where it is needed reducing the amount of stored information.

User interface information

All SEEEMS products user interfaces have built in help information:

1. The most basic is labelling, alt texts and descriptive symbols
2. More specific information is supplied through clickable captions which give instructions on use
3. For further details there is a large selection of Articles in the manual.

In code technical information

All SEEEMS products are technically documented 'in code' and are programmed 'by the book'. This allows skilled technicians to easily find all documentation directly in the code. More detailed information and descriptions can be found in the Developer section of the manual.

Online documentation

This will take you to our manual. Here you will find information about all SEEEMS' products. There are sections to help you get started, and then guides to help you complete more advanced tasks. There is detailed component property information, FAQs and articles.

The manual is written in English and all new content will initially be added in English. Some content will also be supplied in other languages.


80% of all support information is found exactly where it will be most effective.