A Danish Wedding - Tying the Knot

A Danish Wedding  - Tying the Knot

A Danish Wedding is a full-service wedding planner company who aims to help brides to fulfil their dreams about their special destination wedding in Denmark.

A Danish Wedding was founded by Anne Kathrine Rasmussen, who has many years of experience with giving the best customer service, organizing and planning events, going the extra mile for the important details and knowing how to give the customer that added special touch and dimension to their special wedding.

Obviously a key feature for such a stylish company is a website to match. This was when A Danish Wedding called on SEEEMS.

The specification:

1. The main purpose of the site is to attract potential wedding couples. However, the next most important thing is to make sure that all of the important information that is needed to make the event a success is easily accessible.

2. It was really important therefore, that in creating a stunning design that ease of use and navigation was not lost.

3. The site needed to have a really personal feel, so that the clients feel confident with the service that is being offered.

The process:

1. SEEEMS needed to plan out the design carefully with the company.  They also needed to make sure that none of the ease of use for the website owner was lost when the unique design was created.

2. This was done by combining normal content with special skins which were programmed into the template.

This was still based on a regular page template with new functionality inheriting and overriding the background settings. This means that strategically placed design features can be as easily changed as all of the regular content.

3.The site uses some special fonts which can be a problem to display on slower PCs or Internet connections. The site therefore checks that the font is loaded correctly and then if it doesn’t uses standard fonts instead.

The outcome:

1. A showcase design website, which intrigues and invites customers to explore.  The cute post it notes and romantic features give a real feel-good factor, essential when planning the most important day of your life!

2. There are really clear links on every page which make sure that every small detail of planning is covered, and there is also important information about the legalities, all written in easy to understand language.


The success of the site is apparent, as more pictures are added to the gallery, of some very happy couples!  Of course the simplicity of the underlying SEEEMS.CMS means that images can be quickly, easily and professionally displayed on the site.