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Click - In the Picture

Click - In the Picture

Click is a voluntary chain consisting of 31 stores across the country. This means that each store has its own owner who is passionate about photography and video, and uses CLICK as the common name for cooperation.

All of the stores and owners have roots that stretch back long before something called "digital cameras", but they strive to develop their skills in the form of courses and staff training, so that all of their knowledge is current and relevant.

This means that they can help customers with everything to do with cameras, accessories, videos and technique.   When they wanted an exciting website which needed to reflect the dynamic nature of their stores, the spotlight fell on SEEEMS. 

The specification:

1. As well as being a commercial site with the focus on selling cameras and other equipment, it was important to have a simple way for customers to search for information. The site needed to have a good design as well as being functional.

2. As the organisation is built up of a large number of independent stores coming together under the CLICK umbrella, there had to be a way of maintaining individuality, whilst retaining a strong brand.

3. Image development pages were needed, where customers could directly send then photographs to be developed.

The process:

1. SEEEMS and CLICK had to work together in order to gather all of the common knowledge and decide upon the best way to store and display it. This was done using the knowledge base data source, which means that large amounts of data can be stored and then searched, filtered and displayed where needed.

2. The branding and individuality was maintained by the process of creating mirror sites. Mirroring gets one or more pages from a central store which are always be updated centrally and then all content on these pages remains the same and the remaining pages can be customised.

3. The real challenges have been integrating the image development pages where people send their images to be developed. It was necessary to integrate the development logic because the products shown come from an external accounting system. 

The outcome:

1. The site has not one but two different information displays, an extensive guide to all of the different types of cameras and related equipment as well as an A-Z encyclopaedia of all things photographic, all of which can be filtered and sorted according to need.

2. Each store has the benefit of a centrally managed core site, and the flexibility of the SEEEMS.CMS to amend and maintain their pages.

3. All kinds of photos and photo imagery products can be ordered and processed online.


This site shows how well SEEEMS.CMS responds to a challenge and creates a really functional easy to use site, for both owner and customer, which is both corporate, individual and design focussed.