Introducing CHEEE!

We'd like to introduce CHEEE

CHEEE is here to help, so look out for him. CHEEE, like SEEEMS, has evolved over time. You may be interested in finding out how this has happened. Our front man started out life as Che, a good name for a true revolutionary, but also one who is your friend. In these two ideals Che represented the young company SEEEMS. Its ambition was to be a pioneering leader, but at the same time dependable, allowing complete freedom and flexibility for both designer and programmer.

Our company developed, and Che became CHEEE, linked to the spelling of our name and an easily identifiable part of our brand. CHEEE (chi) is now a symbol of our latest iteration. In common with the Chinese life force chi, SEEEMS is a natural balance between function and design. Our philosophy is inclusive not restrictive. SEEEMS and CHEEE can become the vital force for your company.