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BuildnRepair are online suppliers of specialist ranges of products. These products are made by companies that specialise in construction chemicals that waterproof, cure, repair, seal, bond and dustproof. They also manufacture concrete repair products, polymer additives for screeds, bedding mortars, waterproof renders, resin bound and resin bonded systems, anti-carbonation coatings, epoxy flooring, rapid floor and road repairs and fast dry screeds.

These products have, until now, typically been used by the construction industry for larger projects. BuildnRepair recognised that these fantastic products should also be available to general builders and members of the public who seek the same quality products for extended DIY work and this is why the site was developed. The site can provide the right product, whether repairing a pothole in the drive or creating a whole welcoming new driveway. 

With such a wide range of products, it was essential that the site not only looked great from a design perspective, but it also had to be very carefully planned to get a logical, user-friendly interface.  This is why BuildnRepair chose to work with SEEEMS.

The specification:

1. The products being are sold are specialist and require some knowledge of how much to use, how to apply them, and what other products might be needed to complete the job.  BuildnRepair wanted to keep their customers informed and so the shop needed the functionality to point the customer towards data sheets, advise them on additional products and allow them to calculate exactly how much they needed.  This had to be automated.

2. The products are subject to various offers and promotions, and so it was essential that it was easy to apply different process, without doing this manually.

3. This site is in competition with many others in the trade. The site SEO had to be fully optimised in order for the site to be found in search engines.

The process:

1. SEEEMS created the shop which was separated into categories. The required functionality was programmed in, step by step and each stage was tested to make sure that it performed correctly.

2. The special offer prices and promotions were created by using special variants. These can be easily added or amended as needed.

3. All of the SEO keywords were added in the BackOffice, for each category and product. The SEEEMS system optimises them and the creation of relevant, meaningful descriptive product text on each page ensures that this site should be found.

The outcome:

1. The shop is now fully functional.  The system is completely automated, but there are also ways for clients to interact and ask questions before they buy, either by completing a form, or by email.

2. The SEEEMS.CMS system is so straightforward to use that new products, promotions and offers can be added in minutes.

3. The site ranks well in Google, and because it is really easy to use, SEO reports that recommend using new or different keywords can be followed up immediately.


The automated system captures clients’ questions, along with the professional answers.  This is now being formed into a comprehensive knowledge base, on which clients can search for the answers to the most commonly asked questions.  Real FAQs in action!