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Bo Michelsen is a diversified construction company providing quality construction for both commercial, private and public. Whether the requirement is for a small garden wall or a large government building, they will do everything to meet the customer’s expectations.

It is therefore important for them to be involved from the very beginning of the project, so they can keep track of all the details and the schedule. This amount of detail means that the customer is completely aware of the reality of how the project is progressing.

When Bo Michelson needed a website that would really reflect and showcase their work, they turned to SEEEMS. 

The specification:

1. There were distinct essential requirements. The first was to have a website that would store complex project information, from inception to completion, and of different aspects, for example:  design briefs, details of contractors, other contacts, planning requirements and images of finished projects.

2. An intranet was needed so that all of the personnel related to a project could download documents; another access area for suppliers; a forum to discuss and share news.

3. There needed to be a way to automatically send information to contacts when required.

The process:

1. A very clear project plan and extensive communication was required to make sure that all of the elements were incorporated.

2. The reference data source component was used to create a store for all of the different project display requirements. Once this was complete the project elements could be displayed on whichever pages they were needed on.

3. An intranet was created and all of the project contacts were given a user status depending on what they were to have access to. Contact details were imported directly from an Excel spreadsheet into the contacts data source.  Different parts of the intranet were made accessible to the people who needed to use them, by allowing or denying role access. Complex forms were created using standard parts so that information could be saved and shared when required.

The outcome:

1. Any aspect of any project can be displayed on required pages, in the appropriate format, and it can be filtered and sorted on any number of criteria. Prospective clients can easily see many different images and description of completed projects, along with all of the personnel involved.

2. Users can access and edit the areas of the site that they have permission for. News and views can be shared in the forum area. Automatically generated emails and SMS messages are sent out to inform relevant users when changes have been made to specific areas of the site.


The great outward facing design is only the top of the iceberg.  Underneath is the power of the data source being used both for contacts and for the portfolio, making saving and displaying large amounts of data really easy.