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BC Photographic are a specialist photographer who specialise in taking photos of national and local gymnastic events in the UK.  Their potential clients are typically parents and coached of the young gymnasts, who attend on the day.  In order to capture the essence of the sport, a photographer with the correct equipment and skills is needed and this is where BC Photographic come in.  They had a website, but it was not working well in terms of getting the images uploaded quickly, or for the public to able to access the images that they wanted to buy, in a secure environment, and with the different events being password protected.  

BC Photographic started to talk to SEEEMS UK Resellers, Soinspired, about their requirements.

The specification:

1. First, the system had to be able to handle the bulk upload of a large number of photos, automatically watermark them and then allow the photographer to quickly and easily get them into galleries and subgalleries.

2. Secure user groups had to be set up in order that each competition had limited access via password only.

3. Users needed to be able to buy the photos quickly and easily in an online store and doing this via any computer or mobile device. All of the above had to be available on the day(s) of the event.

4. There had to be a way for users to order complex collage layouts.

The process:

1. All of the requirements were discussed and documented.

2. A design was agreed upon.

3. Close communication took place between the reseller, the client and SEEEMS, in order that the new website could be tested at all stages.

The outcome:

1. Within one week of the site going live it was being used at a real event, and the first sales were made!

2. The security of the site is easy to maintain, and this ensures confidence for the gymnasts and their parents.

3. Sales of the collages have been boosted because it is now so much easier for the customer to choose their images.

4. BC Photographic have been getting great feedback from their customers on the ease of use of the site, and they too find it extremely user friendly.


Google Analytics show amazing results - over 49,000 page hits in the first three months and a bounce rate of just 16%. The website has a really easy to use navigation system, customers like using it, sales are up!  What more could a business want from their website. You don't have to take our word for it!  Download the BC Photographic testimonial here, and if you would like to find out more about the project specification, you can access that here.