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Now that you have discovered our amazing CMS products, you probably want to Contact Us to find out more, or you might simply want to read about who we are and how we started. This is where you can get all of the information that you need.

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Contact Us icon Get in touch with us. Fill in the form for a speedy response or if you prefer, email or call to find out whatever you need to know. If you need support or wish to report a bug please go our Support section.

Our People

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SEEEMS UK is the latest venture for the South West based web technology company Soinspired Ltd.  Find out more about the people behind the company...


Our Vision

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We have worked with the SEEEMS.CMS software for more than five years. In that time we have seen the software develop into a unique product...

Our History

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Where did we begin, how did we develop and grow and where are we going in the future? All of these questions are answered in our History section. 




Meet our helpful front man CHEEE and find out about his journey, as he developed alongside our growing company from its revolutionary beginning.