Flexible, manageable

Product presentation, product categories, order and customer management,
a simple way to create a pricing structure
SEEEMS.SHOP has it all!

Now you can create an online shop to your exact specifications. We provide all of the standard options that are found in classic shop solutions but you also inherit the flexibility of a CMS because SEEEMS.SHOP allows the use of all SEEEMS.CMS components.

This is what one satisfied SEEEMS.SHOP customer has to say:

Our product shines out

We were searching for an online shop, one that we would have the opportunity to develop ourselves.Not only that, but one that would not cost a staggering amount. SEEEMS shop proved that both of these are possible.

Michael Brok Jensen, Owner

More reasons you should try SEEEMS.SHOP


Familiar components and functionality

SEEEMS.SHOP comes with many built in components that you already know from SEEEMS.CMS. Add shop functionality to your SEEEMS.CMS website by simply upgrading to SEEEMS.SHOP.


Product presentation

Just like SEEEMS.CMS you have complete freedom to display your products in a way that suits your business. Simple independent product display with customisable product search logic. Products can be displayed in categories and sub-categories. 

SEEEMS.SHOP delivers the goods


Product pricing

Pricing requires attention to detail and an on-line shop solution with extra flexibility. Allocate different prices to products to take account of taxes or other variables. Easily handle distribution costs.  Highlight special offers/discounts and target customers in effective sales campaigns. 

SEEEMS.SHOP; time saved, profits up!


Freedom of payment

You can integrate payment gateways and payment services. If your preferred gateway or service is not integrated yet you can create your own component to integrate it or ask SEEEMS to do it for you. Our system also supports different and multiple currencies. 

SEEEMS.SHOP is perfect whoever your customers are


Handling customers

In SEEEMS.SHOP you can handle customers in different ways. Allow customers to simply shop or create user profiles with registration and logins. Create groups of customers and target them with specific products. Create different areas for wholesale and retail.


Handling orders

Orders are the essential output of a shop, and there are many ways to handle them. Receive orders in a variety of formats and integrate with other applications. Generate any shopping basket that you like and completely customise it to reflect your needs and branding.