What are you looking for?

  • a sophisticated yet easy to use online Content Management System?
  • to sell your products using the most flexible shop solution on the market?
  • a website that can integrate with internal organisational processes?
  • an automated booking system for any type of service?
  • a way to share news and events, project portfolios or knowledge?
  • complete freedom of design and layout?

Look no further! Our CMS products deliver.

Flexible CMS

Our popular Content Management System offers great value for money, with so many vital components included. SEEEMS.CMS gives complete freedom of design and layout with an easy to use interface. Create professional websites with a minimum of effort and add content, text, images, animation, multimedia – nothing is impossible. Data source components allow you to store and display many different types of information, all fully searchable. Use with any of the major browsers and host on the server of your choice.

Unique, adaptable shop

Our shop product offers you all of the features that you look for in an online store, and more. SEEEMS.SHOP is based on SEEEMS.CMS which means it gives you the ultimate in flexibility - CMS and e-commerce in a single system. It's unique because everything that you can do in CMS you can also do in SHOP, so If you already have CMS then it is easy to upgrade and have an online store. SEEEMS.SHOP offers complete freedom of choice on the content, design and functionality of your store.

Many components come as standard

We have more than 20 different component categories, and hundreds of components, all as standard.