This is what satisfied SEEEMS.CMS customers are saying:

Very user friendly

The website is very user friendly from our customers' point of view and the feedback we are getting is extremely positive. We are also able to make most alterations to the site ourselves which we were unable to do with our previous website. The software is so easy to use, even though we are not that computer literate. We make changes with confidence, and when we get something wrong it is easy to put right.

Berni Coffin, Company Owner
BC Photographic


Website really boosts business

We have now hit 1,000 enquiries direct from the website for the business year so far. I have been monitoring web based enquiries since August 2010 and they have increased every single year, from 210 to 1009. This is a real boost to our business.

Daniel Freedman, Communication and Development Manager
Ronacrete Limited


Our product shines out

We sell a stylish and high quality product, which is what we want to shine out from our website. SEEEMS.CMS is really fantastic, the layout and structure give us the kind of visual simplicity that lets this happen.

Thor Grabow, Owner
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SEO successfully raises the rankings

If you’re looking for a CMS that will also give you the flexibility to manage Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) look no further than SEEEMS. Working with one of our customers, Ronacrete Limited, we have successfully promoted them to forty five individual page one rankings from a position of only having seven. In turn they have seen a corresponding increase in web based inquiries and sales.

Keith Harris, Director
Soinspired Limited


Made-to-measure at a competitive price

It's the difference between made-to-measure and off the peg. With SEEEMS.CMS you can have your website exactly as you want it, and at a very competitive price.

Erik BS Lauridsen, Co-owner
Majland StauderApS and Majland.dk


Balance between ease of use and flexibility in layout

One of the best features in SEEEMS.CMS is the front-end navigation. Another strong point is the balance between ease of use and flexibility in layout - usually you find that you can only achieve optimum performance in one to the detriment of the other.

Ib Skjærlund, Owner


Built in a simple and unique way

We can quickly demonstrate the system to customers, who immediately see how easy it is to use. That's because SEEEMS' CMS is built in a simple and unique way; I am thinking of, for example, the way that components are depicted as parents and children.

Torben Jantzen, Graphic Designer,
Andersson & Jantzen Reklamebureau


Great return on our investment

The SEEEMS CMS BackOffice structure contains everything needed to maximize SEO, which means we get a great return on our investment in time and research.

Daniel Osen, Managing Director
Ronacrete Limited


Frequently updated and wonderful for search engine optimisation

SEEEMS.CMS is being continuously developed. This, combined with the fact that it is modular, means that it is frequently updated. In addition, it is really wonderful for search engine optimisation.

Markus Brandt, Owner
Abakomp Internet Service ApS


User-friendly and safe

With SEEEMS.CMS, not only is the system user-friendly, it is also safe. This means that when I am selling the product, I can be confident about the security behind even the most complex website, but which still offers the CMS ease of use.

Robert Holm Thomsen, Art Director


No need to pay for extras

With SEEEMS.CMS, you get more than 90% of all of the features you need upfront. There is really no need to pay for extras right at the outset.

Ib Skjærlund, Owner


A tailored solution

With SEEEMS.CMS you're not locked into templates. We needed a special calculation tool, so that when products are chosen the price is calculated right away. We got a tailored solution that only took fifteen minutes to create.

Thor Grabow, Owner
Original Paint Linseed Oil