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Want a flexible CMS system to build and manage your website?
SEEEMS.CMS delivers!

SEEEMS - our name says it all - SEE+EM+S = CMS - Content Management Systems. We are the experts when it comes to CMS. Our CMS comes with all the features that are needed to build a professional commercial website. SEEEMS.CMS is used by our clients to successfully add new content, edit and manage their websites, wherever and whenever required, using online administration.

This is what one satisfied SEEEMS.CMS customer has to say:

Great return on our investment

The SEEEMS CMS BackOffice structure contains everything needed to maximize SEO, which means we get a great return on our investment in time and research.

Daniel Osen, Managing Director
Ronacrete Limited

More reasons you should try SEEEMS.CMS

SEEEMS.COM value for money and simple to use

Value for money

Excellent value for money because an enormous range of components are included; there are no additional extras to purchase at the outset.

Simple to use

Easy to learn; the FrontEnd interface means no specific technical skills are required. Straightaway you can create a page layout and add text, graphics and images.

Fast and easy customisation

Nothing's impossible in our BackOffice. Our flexible component builder allows you to add brand new functionality. Extend existing components with new properties and advanced skins. For example, our gallery component can easily be merged with your favourite slide show.


Creative design freedom

A revolutionary product in the CMS market because it has reintroduced freedom. Now designers and programmers can work together on creating professional and highly individual websites.You can achieve virtually any layout and design, including responsive websites like this one. Our CMS solution produces websites that are a real reflection of every company’s needs.

SEEEMS.CMS is the way forward for your business



SEEEMS allows several different levels of programming, meaning that it is perfect for users at any level of expertise. It's even possible to programme without using a single line of real code, but if you want you can use your skills to amend and adapt.


Any browser

SEEEMS.CMS works with of all the major browsers: Internet Explorer, Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.

Your choice of server

Use our server, your current server, or any other that you prefer when you work with SEEEMS.CMS. You are also free to choose your own webhost. (Not currently with SEEEMS.RENTAL.)



Whatever you choose from our CMS products, you can be sure that you will get first class support, in the most suitable way for you and your business.

Future proof

Thanks to the choice of Windows ASP.NET - and great architecture.

SEEEMS.CMS is fully supported