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This is who we are...

In the UK and Denmark:

Company management happens in the UK. It's also where the sales process for SEEEMS UK products is handled along with project management which enables us to work efficiently and fulfill our clients' deadlines. Much of our support work is done here, too. The strategic planning of research and development takes place in Denmark, along with overall project management.

Keith Harris - Director - UK

Keith Harris - Director

Keith was the original founder of Soinspired Ltd, forming the company early in 2010. Keith has many years of experience in the computing industry and has held executive roles within US and UK software companies alike, including; Xchange, Clarify Nortel, Peoplesoft and Vantive.

He also has a clear commitment to customer care and a varied project management background with strong technical knowledge that encompasses many disciplines. These key business and personal strengths along with a true entreprenerial spirit give him the enthusiasm and passion that is needed to drive SEEEMS UK forward.

In his spare time Keith enjoys reading, watching sci-fi and Formula 1, cooking and travel.

Hilary joined the company in 2011 bringing with her many years' experience in teaching and training, administration, and technical and creative content writing.

She has worked for a variety of public, private and third sector organisations, including Wiltshire College, Wiltshire Wildlife Trust, Gloucestershire College, Wiltshire Council, The Learning Curve and Wiltshire Probation Service.

Hilary is responsible for the systems behind the business, and designs and delivers all of our training courses.

In her spare time Hilary enjoys Zumba, pilates and walking. She also relaxes by reading and cooking.

Hilary Sterrett - Director - UK

Hilary Sterrett - Director - UK

Michel Jarrd Lutz - Director - Denmark

Michel - Mr 1 Pixel - Director - Denmark


Michel, or Mr 1 Pixel as he likes to be known, is the brainchild behind SEEEMS.APS. He started the company in 2002, making his first sale in less than two months!

Since then the business has gone from strength to strength, and now employs 13 people across Denmark and Bulgaria. Michel has a great vision which is to provide the most flexible solution for any company that needs a Web Content Management System.

When he gets time out from his busy schedule he is an avid reader, enjoys playing LEGO with his twin daughters, and dancing.