SEEEMS.SHOP - Key Features

SEEEMS.SHOP has so many amazing features

SEEEMS.SHOP comes with many built-in features and also incorporates all of the features from SEEEMS.CMS. SEEEMS.SHOP has many options and no limitations which makes it easy to integrate any shop solution. There is the ability to organise and categorise all of your products, and display them in many different ways. 

You can manage your users in the same sophisticated way as in SEEEMS.CMS, use different settings for taxes, discounts and additional fees, and choose from a variety of different payment gateways.

This page gives an overview of these features, with each separate item having a link to more details in our comprehensive manual.

Product Management

As you would expect from a SEEEMS product, SEEEMS.SHOP gives you complete freedom in the way that you manage and display your products.

» Organise, categorise, display

User Management

SEEEMS.SHOP comes with the same sophisticated and intuitive user management that is found in SEEEMS.CMS. This means complete flexibility in the way that you can create roles and groups and allocate users to them.

» Focused product presentation

Ordering Logic

Now you can keep your company on top of the special demands placed on it by legal and business requirements.

» Logic for legal requirements

Easy Payment Options

SEEEMS.SHOP guides you through the maze of payment gateways and services and provides a simple way to communicate an accurate price to your customers, no matter what currency, taxes, discounts or fees are involved.

» Making payment painless

Product SEO

In SEEEMS.SHOP you can automatically generate product pages which are optimised for SEO. This leaves you free to focus on your product description.

» Productive SEO for shops

Product features

Easily edit, add, move, delete, and publish; manage products, users, prices and payments; FrontEnd or BackOffice.