SEEEMS.CMS - Key Features

SEEEMS.CMS has so many amazing features

FrontEnd tools allow you to edit, add, move, delete, and publish instantaneously, whilst a clear BackOffice structure, allows you to manage content, users, layout and system. There is no limitation on layout, because you can add any type of content to any other and you can create as many menus and pages as you need and add any type of content.

There is the ability to publish and share knowledge, news, contacts and portfolios, using an data store system. An extremely effective online booking engine comes with with shop integration if required.

This page gives an overview of these features, with each separate item having a link to more details in our comprehensive manual.


Using columns within pages on a website is one of the key factors in making a readable and professional web layout. In order to achieve this, SEEEMS.CMS comes with four different ways to make flexible column layouts, to suit your needs.

» Creative with columns

File Manager

The Files Manager gives you a great system with which you can build a logical file structure for your website. Add new folders, then upload all of the content that you need for your site, in a wide range of file formats. 

» Access files and folders


Creating custom made forms for your site in SEEEMS.CMS is straightforward, because it follows the same process as adding any other components to your site. Add a form component and then add whatever fields you need as sub objects. Add data actions to make the form work for you. 

» Functional form design


In SEEEMS.CMS, linking is completely flexible between objects, which means that there is more than one way to create links. Use the Link object, Rich Text Paragraph or use HTML in the Paragraph object to create links between many different types of content.

» Make the link complete

Prepared Content

In SEEEMS.CMS you can use what we have called Prepared Content to insert complete structures with default settings, with or without content, whether simple or complex. Once the Prepared Content is created, select and add it just like any other object.

» Reuse whole structures


SEEEMS allows several levels of programming, meaning that it is perfect for users at any level of expertise. It's even possible to programme without using a single line of real code.

» Programme possibilities

Publish and Authorise

An incredibly easy to use feature, but one that is extremely powerful, because it gives you complete control over who can publish, what they can publish, and when they can publish.

» The power to publish

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

You get great results in Google when you use SEEEMS.CMS. Remember though, that this is not a completely automatic process. In order to make SEO work efficiently for you, there are important guidelines to follow.

» Moving up in the ranks

Templates and Skins

Our templates can have as many pages, content areas and menus as you need; there are no limitations. You also have the option to use skins, which can be described as templates for components.

» Complete design freedom

Product features

Easily edit, add, move, delete, and publish; manage content, users, layout and system; FrontEnd or BackOffice.